Site Design

Grading, Drainage, Utilities

Site Design is probably one of the most critical components of any civil engineering project. Site Design incorporates Grading, Drainage, and Utility plans. Proper grading ensures the land is properly shaped and leveled to support the structures that will be built on it. Drainage, on the other hand, is the process of removing water from the land to prevent flooding and erosion. In a civil engineering project, drainage is typically achieved through a network of channels, pipes, and culverts that direct water away from the site. Both grading and drainage require careful planning and design to ensure that they are effective and meet the specific needs of the project. Utility management is an essential aspect of many civil engineering projects that involve water supply and wastewater management systems. C3 Civil Engineering’s team takes into account factors such as soil composition, climate, and site topography to create Grading, Drainage, and  Utility Plans that will support the long-term success of the project.